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Chiropractic Advice for a Healthier and Discomfort Free Life

Chiropractic practices are not only for those who suffer from back or neck discomfort. In fact it is something which is applicable in our everyday life as well. The following are a few words of advice from a Mount Annan Chiropractor to help you live a stress free and healthy life.

A busy life, un-healthy eating practices and poor posture can all contribute towards the development of back and neck discomfort. Most people continue to follow this unhealthy lifestyle, paying little or no heed to the problems which might arise later on. Popping an over the counter pill to manage your back discomfort may work initially but there comes a time when doing so could actually stop being effective.

It is therefore necessary to implement the following words of advice.

Maintaining proper posture with a Mount Annan Chiropractor

The most important factor for your spine health is that you should have a good posture. Not only does it make you look attractive and more confident, but it’s healthy as well. So what does a good posture look like? When standing make sure that you stand straight and tall yet in a relaxed manner, with your stomach muscles slightly contracted for added core strength.

When sitting, make sure your back gets the necessary support. If you are working on the computer, the screen should be in level with your eyes so that you don’t have to look down too often or strain your neck in the process.

Mount Annan Chiropractor

A healthy lifestyle

Besides proper posture it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. This may include eating healthy foods which support your nutritional requirements. The need to exercise shouldn’t be ignored either. Research has proved that individuals who exercise for about two to three hours a week are much healthier than those who don’t. You may exercise more if you want but this is the minimum amount of time you should be exercising throughout the week.

If you are prone to injuries, gentle exercises like walking and yoga can be just as effective. Simply eat healthy and balanced meals and exercise regularly to enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine and body.

Comfortable footwear and clothing

Though you might occasionally feel like donning a pair of heels and wearing that body con dress, but there is a time when you actually need to cut down the partying a bit more. If you already suffer from back problems it is better to wear comfortable shoes which offer better protection for your feet. Wearing high heels can cause the muscles of your legs ad back to become contracted and the result is a throbbing discomfort in your back and neck. If you do love to wear high heeled shoes, make sure you do so for a short period of time and not throughout the day.

Carrying heavy loads

When carrying heavy loads it is advisable to distribute the weight evenly so that there are less chance of sprains or strains. Instead of carrying one large bag, it’s advisable to carry two small ones. Making wise decisions could benefit you in the long run.

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