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Have you become disillusioned with modern medication for treating pain and soreness? Have you wondered why despite taking all those medications the pain doesn’t seem to lessen and only keeps returning? You are not alone. Each year, people undergo various medical treatments for healing their back and neck pain. Most people find that the relief which they experience is only short lived and often surgery is considered as a last resort.

However, there is hope for those who believe in natural treatments and healing. Chiropractors are natural healers. They believe in making use of the ancient knowledge passed down over time. Want to know how natural methods and therapies can help get rid of aches and discomfort?

The main reason why people get confused is because they don’t know which chiropractor in Robina they should go to. Finding the right person to go for treatment is easy if you take care of the following things.

Ask around for references

If you are already seeing a physician for your condition, they might be able to recommend a good chiropractor for you. This is because most chiropractors work along with spine specialists to provide treatment. Plus if you know someone within your friends and family who might be seeing a chiropractor or sought treatment from one, you could get some good recommendations. There is also an option of doing your own bit of research. You can search the internet for a list of chiropractors practicing in Robina. Just make sure you check out the reviews left by previous patients to get a fairly good idea regarding their methods of treatment and how effective those are.

Your first visit to a chiropractor

Before you actually decide who you might want to go for treatment, there is no harm in taking a first consultation. This would give you a chance to see and talk to the chiropractor on a one on one basis.

  • How does the chiropractor come across? Are they friendly and courteous
  • Are they open to questions?
  • Are they clear about how they might carry out the treatment
  • Also make sure to ask them about their qualifications

The few other things you need to make a note of is whether they are licensed to carry on with their practice. Also a bit of research would help you find if they have been subjected to any legal issues in the past regarding their treatment plan.

It should be kept in mind that what might have worked for a friend or colleague might not actually work for you. Since chiropractic care is a natural form of treatment you can’t expect immediate results. However continuous visits and following the nutritional and dietary advice of the chiropractor can actually help you heal faster.

Though therapies like massages and spinal manipulation help, there is a great deal you need to follow at home as well. If you have been suggested certain medication, make sure you take it on time. If you have been advised physiotherapy sessions, make sure you attend them.

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Mount Annan Chiropractor

Chiropractic Advice for a Healthier and Discomfort Free Life

Chiropractic practices are not only for those who suffer from back or neck discomfort. In fact it is something which is applicable in our everyday life as well. The following are a few words of advice from a Mount Annan Chiropractor to help you live a stress free and healthy life.

A busy life, un-healthy eating practices and poor posture can all contribute towards the development of back and neck discomfort. Most people continue to follow this unhealthy lifestyle, paying little or no heed to the problems which might arise later on. Popping an over the counter pill to manage your back discomfort may work initially but there comes a time when doing so could actually stop being effective.

It is therefore necessary to implement the following words of advice.

Maintaining proper posture with a Mount Annan Chiropractor

The most important factor for your spine health is that you should have a good posture. Not only does it make you look attractive and more confident, but it’s healthy as well. So what does a good posture look like? When standing make sure that you stand straight and tall yet in a relaxed manner, with your stomach muscles slightly contracted for added core strength.

When sitting, make sure your back gets the necessary support. If you are working on the computer, the screen should be in level with your eyes so that you don’t have to look down too often or strain your neck in the process.

Mount Annan Chiropractor

A healthy lifestyle

Besides proper posture it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. This may include eating healthy foods which support your nutritional requirements. The need to exercise shouldn’t be ignored either. Research has proved that individuals who exercise for about two to three hours a week are much healthier than those who don’t. You may exercise more if you want but this is the minimum amount of time you should be exercising throughout the week.

If you are prone to injuries, gentle exercises like walking and yoga can be just as effective. Simply eat healthy and balanced meals and exercise regularly to enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine and body.

Comfortable footwear and clothing

Though you might occasionally feel like donning a pair of heels and wearing that body con dress, but there is a time when you actually need to cut down the partying a bit more. If you already suffer from back problems it is better to wear comfortable shoes which offer better protection for your feet. Wearing high heels can cause the muscles of your legs ad back to become contracted and the result is a throbbing discomfort in your back and neck. If you do love to wear high heeled shoes, make sure you do so for a short period of time and not throughout the day.

Carrying heavy loads

When carrying heavy loads it is advisable to distribute the weight evenly so that there are less chance of sprains or strains. Instead of carrying one large bag, it’s advisable to carry two small ones. Making wise decisions could benefit you in the long run.

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Gray’s Chiropractic

Gray’s Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Discomfort

Grays Chiropractic refers to the drug free and non-invasive method of treating disorders of the muscular-skeletal origin. The chiropractor uses certain maneuvers known as spinal manipulation to treat discomfort in the spinal region.

There are quite a few studies which point towards the effectiveness of chiropractic practices for treating lower back discomfort. It is also just as effective at treating lumbar discomfort and chronic neck discomfort. The treatment though becomes more effective when the initial spinal manipulation is followed through by a less intensive manipulation therapy.

Grays Chiropractic treatment for lower back discomfort

The chiropractic treatment for lower back discomfort involves the following

  • Spinal and manual manipulation techniques. This kind of treatment involves high velocity short thrusts which are applied to the vertebrae. This kind of repeated movement allows the abnormality in the spine to decrease, improves blood circulation and help reduce the irritability in the nerves.
  • This kind of manipulation is also known as spinal adjustment. Research has proved that using the above mentioned technique earlier on in the treatment of lower back discomfort can actually help get rid of the discomfort completely. So the earlier you start treatment, the better it is.
  • Another technique which is used frequently by chiropractors includes mobilization. Unlike the above mentioned technique this one is low velocity and includes the stretching of the muscles and the joints. This in turn can improve the rage of motion in problem areas.

Grays Chiropractic

How do chiropractors decide on a treatment plan?

The treatment chosen by your chiropractor depends upon the following

  • The kind of discomfort that you are experiencing
  • The disability issues that you might have
  • And any intolerance to certain activities

The basic aim of all chiropractors is to reduce the discomfort which the patient experiences. Besides manual manipulation, chiropractors also advise patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and perform certain exercises which would help alleviate the discomfort.

Your first chiropractic appointment

At your first visit you might be asked the following questions

  • The origin of the discomfort, when and how did it start?
  • Where does it hurt?
  • What does the discomfort feel like? Is it dull, sharp throbbing, intermittent etc.?
  • Did the discomfort start due to an injury?
  • Do any activities make the discomfort worse?

You can expect to undergo routine tests like checking for your blood pressure, weight and pulse, you might also be assessed for the following

  • You might be asked to move your neck or back in certain positions to check for range of motions
  • The tone and strength of your muscles
  • An analysis of your posture and certain other tests

Once the above examination is completed, the chiropractor might suggest certain diagnostic tests like an X-ray, an MRI scan, certain lab tests.

Once the tests have been run, the chiropractor would make a diagnosis based on their findings. It is upon these very diagnostics that your treatment would be based. The actual treatment and duration could only be mentioned by the chiropractor.

Treatments would include spinal manipulation, massage therapy, hot and cold press treatment, educating patients on the ergonomics and nutritional changes.

At Gray’s chiropractic you can rest assured that your health is in safe hands. For more information make sure you call  Grays Chiropractic in Mackay.